Managing your administration, checking and answering your mail, all ‘side’ issues, but things that also need your attention.

This can be outsourced!

Would you like to be free on weekends instead of managing your administration?
You would like to concentrate completely on your business during the week?
Briefly, you are looking for eu  Online Office, your freelance management support!

eu Online Office
provides secretarial and administrative support for various clients on site and from our proper office.

Office Support when you need ithelp!

You link the word ‘administration’ immediately to ‘burden’?
You would like to concentrate completely on your work?
Or are you simply looking for someone who ensures your office runs smoothly?
How can eu Online Office be your helping hand?

In short, you are looking for flexible office support.
From our office – or, optionally, at your office – we can help you when you need it.

New ways of working

When you outsource (part of) your administration or secretarial work to eu Online Office, you get your hands free again for your business.

Large or small, structurally or temporarily. Whether you’re a freelancer, or are part of the management of large companies, the board of a foundation or an association: We will be happy to help out!

It may be a structural solution, or for temporary relief, such as sick leave, maternity leave or holidays.

Carefree business: eu Online Office provides the preconditions.

The benefits of outsourcing your administration to eu Office Online:

• An experienced and professional force with eye for details and quality;
• From 1 hour to several days per week;
• Flexible working: in addition to office hours also evenings or weekends available;
• Working on-site or from our own office;
• Professional office support when you need it;
• Reliable quality at an affordable price;
• A friendly, accessible freelance with a non-nonsense attitude
• Excellent knowledge of languages: NL, FR, EN and basic DE
• Save on personnel and associated overhead costs (office space, holiday, patronal charges, …).